Archive 2018

  • Some members of the group joined the annual ATLAS meeting in Nynäshamn. A short meeting summary can be found here.

  • Rita was part of a study investigating the dietary changes associated with the introduction of agriculture into the Iberian peninsula. The authors found that a Neolithic diet was less diverse than a Mesolithic one as evidence by isotope analyses of human fossils. The paper can be found here and on the journal’s page.

  • After a successful nailing of his thesis: “Population Genetics of Human Genomic Elements” Thijessen will be defending it on November 8th at 10.15 in Lindahlsalen at the EBC. His opponent is Guillaume Achaz, from the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris.

  • We have been active over summer and published some research. Please find our latest papers at the Publication page.

  • Members of the group were involved in a study published in Scientific Reports. Analyses of complete mitochondrial genomes of 41 ancient humans from North Asia revealed long-term genetic continuity in the region. We further detected signatures of gene flow or population structure, altogether highlighting the complexity of human demographic history.

  • This years lab outing took us to Vaxholm castle. Some impressions can be found here.

  • The team was involved in a multidisciplinary study highlighting the temporal genetic changes caused by prehistoric migrations into Iberia. The analyses of ancient human remains shed light into the origin of farming life-style in the far west of Eurasia. The study is published ahead of print in PNAS.

  • There is an open vacancy as Head of the SciLifeLab’s National ancient DNA center. Please see the following job advert for more information.

  • Carina has now established her own group here at the Uppsala University. The Schlebusch group focusses on the history of humans primarily in Africa. Mario has joined her as a PhD student.

  • A group of us (Arielle, Nina, James, Tatiana, Alex, Luciana and Gwenna) participated in the Love Evolution! Darwin Day 2018. We prepared an interactive station at which children got to know more about ancient DNA and the stories we can tell from analyses of it. Some impressions of the fun event can be seen here.

  • Thijessen and others from the group highlighted the genomic signatures of purifying selection under consideration of confounding factors such as demography. The results appeared in BMC Genomics.

  • Carina and Mattias were involved in a commentary article in the South African Journal of Science describing the scientific merits of the genome of a ancient boy from South Africa.

  • Nina is going to nail her thesis in the Cafeteria area of the EBC on Monday 29th of January at 14.30. Please join her. Her thesis defense will take place on February 16th at 10.00 in Lindahlsalen at the EBC.

  • A huge team effort has resulted in a new study on Mesolithic Scandinavians published in PLoS Biology. The study reveals that two migration routes built the foundation for a very diverse Mesolithic human population in Scandinavia and also highlights loci under selection in accordance with life in the high North.


  • Magdalena and others from the team have published new insights into the Neolithic Funnel-Beaker culture. This multidisciplinary appeared in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports and reveals intriguing results with regard to genetics, diet and culture of this ancient human population.

  • Happy and successful 2018 to all our team members, families, friends and collaborators.