Archive 2017

  • Some of us and the ATLAS of a 1000 Ancient genomes team were involved in a new study published in Current Biology and investigating the origin of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands (Guanche). By leveraging genomes of 11 ancient Guanche individuals we showed a close relationship of them to extant Northwest Africans and leaving up to 30% of genomic ancestry in today’s Canary islanders.

  • CONGRATULATIONS Helena and Torsten!!!

Helena secured a 4 year Research Project grant from VR Humanities and Social Sciences entitled: Alvastra – archaeogenetics, archaeology and cultural interactions.

Torsten successfully applied for a 4 year Starting grant from VR Natural and Engeneering Sciences and he will investigate: Population genomics of domestication and its consequences using ancient DNA.

  • A team around Carina just published analyses of the ancient remains from South Africans in Science today. Here you can find more information about this fascinating study.

  • CONGRATULATION Carina!!! Carina secured the prestigious ERC grant to conduct research on African populations.

  • Nina published her first paper in PLOS Genetics. Together with others she described a bimodal distribution of genetic variation highlighting the genetic legacy of Eurasian migrations in Northeast African populations.

  • The Swedish television broadcasted a documentary about our work on the settlement of ancient Sweden. There is also a small accompanying article available.

  • We published new results on the selection pressure on loci affected by introduced diseases in two indigenous  South African populations. We found that the ‡Khomani population showed stronger signals of selection on immune genes most likely caused by its more frequent contact with immigrant groups.

  • A new publication involving lab members reveals sex-biased migration from the step but not from Anatolia into Neolithic Europe. Here you find the Uppsala University Press release.

  • We are happy to announce the launch of  the National Ancient DNA facility now opened here at house 18 of the EBC

  • We now moved into our new offices and labs at house 18 floor 0 of the Evolutionary Biology Centre. A more detailed description of where to find us follows soon. Here are some impressions from the inauguration.

  • Mattias and colleagues reviewed the latest advances in the study of human history with focus on genomic data. The review appeared in Nature and can be found here

  • A new publication in Forensic Science International Genetics involving lab members investigates the kinship among Neolithic humans in a Polish burial site.


Mattias and Jan Storå and Anders Götherström from the Stockholm University were awarded a prestigious grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to study 1,000 ancient genomes.

Find the Uppsala University press release here and the announcement of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation here.



Emma and Helena will present at the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Maastricht

Abstract book

Helena will speak about: Ancient DNA and the colonization of Scandinavia

Emma presents work on: Contrasting signs of migration in megalithic graves of Western Sweden