Media coverage of our work

The international press picked up our study that uncovered a high-ranking Viking warrior to be a woman.

Der Spiegel (in German)


The Swedish TV broadcasted a documentary about our work on the settlement of ancient Sweden (in Swedish).

SVT (April 2017)

And here you can find the accompanying article (in Swedish):

SVT Nyheter (15.05.2017)

Science’s contributing correspondent Ann Gibbons wrote an essay about human migrations and interviewed Mattias

Science (16.05.2017)

Science’s contributing correspondent Ann Gibbons wrote about our new findings on the sex-biased migration wave into Neolithic Europe.

Science (21.02.2017)

Also the Neue Zuericher Zeitung commented on our study (in German)

NZZ (23.02.2017)

The Swedish Radio broadcasted a short comment (in Swedish)

Sverige Radio SR (22.02.2017)

Our local newspaper the Uppsala Nya Tidningen also reported on our PNAS paper (in Swedish)

UNT (Så spreds jordbruket till Europa) (21.02.2017)

Here you find the Uppsala University Press release

UU (21.02.2017)

Mattias is talking about our work in Swedish Radio (in Swedish)

Sverige Radio SR (05.08.2016)

Sverige Radio SR (20.10.2015)

Sverige Radio SR (10.09.2015)

Sverige Radio SR (03.07.2014)

Uppsala Nya Tidning reports (in Swedish) about our latest findings regarding farmers in Anatolia.

UNT (05.08.2016)

An article in Swedish describing our recent work on ancient humans

Forksning & Framsteg (15.03.2016)

The British press reports about our paper on the Basques

BBC (07.09.2015)

The Telegraph (07.09.2015)

Uppsala Univerity podcast with Mattias Jakobsson. In Swedish (10/2015).

Uppsala University, the Swedish SciLifeLab and various Swedish foundations publish profiles of Mattias


SciLifeLab (09/2013)

G. Gustafsson Foundation (in Swedish) (06.09.2016)

Wallenberg Foundation (in Swedish)

Mattias Jakobsson is explaining how genes can help us to better understand human history.


Our paper 2012 Science paper “Genomic variation in seven Khoe-San groups reveals adaptation and complex African history” also received great media coverage.

Here is a selection of articles:

The official Press release from Uppsala University
CBS News
Science News
Science daily
Spiegel (in German)
Swedish public television (SVT) (in Swedish)
 Swedish radio (SR1, SR2) (in Swedish)
Uppsala Nya Tidning (in Swedish)
Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish)

Our 2012 Science paper: “Origins and Genetic Legacy of Neolithic Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers in Europe” received outstanding media coverage.

Here is a short selection of national and international contributions.

The official Press release from Uppsala University
Uppsala Nya Tidning (TV interview with Dr. Sugden, and print article) (in Swedish)
Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish)
Sveriges Radio (1, 2) (in Swedish)
Ny Teknik (in Swedish)
Spiegel Online (in German)
Der Standard (in German)
Focus Online (in German)
Le Figaro (in French)
Los Angeles Times
The Wall Street Journal
BBC News
NPR blog
The Guardian
La Repubblica (in Italian)