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Gulsah Merve Dal Kilinc, Visiting Post-doc from METU, Ankara, Turkey

Gulsah spent several months in the lab (most recent 3 months in 2016) on an EMBO fellowship conducting work on ancient human data analyses.

Amy Goldberg, Visiting PhD student from Stanford, USA

Amy spent 5 month (2015) in our lab investigating aspects of archaic admixture.

Solenn Stoeckel, Visiting Post Doc

Solenn spent 6 months (2012) in the lab developing a new method to search for signs of selection in complete genome data.


Carina Schlebusch, Assistant Professor

Carina recently established her own group but still works hand in hand with our team.

Mario Vicente, PhD student

Mario is now affiliated with the newly established group of Carina Schlebusch.

Lena Granehäll, Research Assistant

Lena worked as an assistant in the ancient lab for 1,5 years and Is now doing a PhD in ancient pathogens at the Mummy Institute at Eurac Reasarch.

Berenice Villegaz, Ramirez

Berenice was assisting us in the ancient lab for over a year and is now exploring the world for interesting opportunities.

Irene Ureña Herradón, Research Assistant

Irene assisted the ancient lab for 1,5 years and is now doing a Postdoc with Catarina Ginja at CIBIO in Porto, Portugal. She continues her ancient work but now focusses on cattle.

Robin Olsson, Research Assistant

Robin worked as a Bioinformatician in our lab for 1,5 year and has now a position at the KTH in Stockholm.

Marta Burri, Researcher

Marta joined the lab for 5 months in the beginning of 2016. She worked on ancient specimens and helped to process and prepare ´them for sequencing.

Agnes Sjöstrand, PhD student

Agnes was a Master student in the lab during the spring semester 2010. Agnes developed a new approach that uses private for searching for genes that have been under recent positive selection. Agnes continued as a PhD student and defended her thesis in November 2015.

Lucie Gattepaille, PhD student

Lucie conducted her Master’s project in the Lab during spring 2009. She continued as a PhD-student and defended her thesis in October 2015 and did a short Post-doc in the lab.

Alexandra Coutinho

Alex was a research assistant in the lab and is now a PhD student.

Joachim Karlsson, Bioinformatics project student

Joachim developed a method to systematically predict phenotypes based on SNP information.

Ricardo Valela, visiting PhD-student from Madrid

Ricardo spent the fall semester 2013 in the lab working on stone-age human material.

Pontus Skoglund, PhD student

Pontus conducted his PhD research in the lab and defended his thesis in October 2013. Pontus did a short postdoc in the lab, and then moved to Boston to do another Postdoc at Harvard.

Gwenna Breton, PhD student

Gwenna was a Master student from Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and is now a PhD student in the lab. During 2013 she spent 6 months in the lab working on lactase persistence polymorphisms among indigenous southern African groups addressing questions of migration and the introduction of pastoralism to southern Africa.

Ayca Omrak

Ayca was a research assistant and is now a co-supervised PhD student.

Sen Li, PhD student

Sen completed his PhD in December 2012. He worked with evaluating the performance of the Approximate Bayesian Computation approach to infer demographic parameters from large amounts of population-genetic data and to investigate genomic parameters under various demographic and evolutionary scenarios. Sen moved Copenhagen University and continues to work on Bayesian inference.

Katie Owers, Master student

Katie investigated signs of selection and the potential impact of infectious diseases on indigenous African populations.

Nicolas DuForet-Frebourg, Master student

Nicolas was a Master student in the lab during the spring 2011. He developed a metod for incorporating haploype information into population structure inference tools.

Hiba Babiker, Master student

Hiba conducted her Master project in the lab from July 2009 to June 2010. Her research focused on exploring patterns of variation in populations from East Africa, in particular from Sudan. Hiba is now a PhD-student at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön, Germany.

Patrik Båtelsson, Master student

Patrik used simulations to study the colonization of Europe by anatomically modern humans.